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4 Länder 1 Sprache

The Stand For 62nd International Belgrade Book Fair


STATUS: Currently in use in Ciglana – cultural center / event space

LOCATION: Belgrade Fair, Belgrade

AREA: 240 m2 gross, ground floor 210 + gallery 30

CLIENT: Embassy of Germany, Embassy of Austria and Embassy of Switzerland with Lichtenstein

CONSTRUCTION: Troublemaker + Arhitim  


- 40th Salon of Architecture, Award within the category 'Interior Design', Belgrade 2018

- Ranko Radović Award 2018 / realized architectural work completed in the same period

- German Design Award 2020, Excellent ArchitectureFair and Exhibition 

The pavilion was designed for the joint presentation of the German speaking countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, under name "4 countries 1 language" within the 62nd International Book Fair in Belgrade. As the German language was chosen to be in the focus of the book fair 2017, the participants were given a central position at Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair. This spot is visually available from several points of access to the facility and is located at the crossroads of the main corridors.

The fundamental concept of segmentation of the surface of 210 m2 is based on a functional duality and dynamic composition. The form is such to set up the strong identity of the pavilion in order to emphasize significance of the guest within the book fair as well as to establish the new standards in relation to typical exhibition stands of aluminum prefabricated elements.

Functional zones and design

The key element, under the term Infrastructure, divides space into two basic areas, the Library and the Square, while the office for journalists, technical support and staff is positioned on the gallery. The Info desk and stage are the main volume of the Infrastructure which, in the form of a broken line element, it stretches along the surface of the plot (diagram with the infrastructure). The rest of the Infrastructure in its structural and modular manifestation it consists out of eight segments that support bookshelves, swings, panels for communication with the audience, openings for passage or visual communication, sitting spots. By achieving a clear underlay in the composition, the functioning of the whole complex is smooth, on one side there is the open, public space for auditorium and main manifestations, and on the other side there is the library, visually sheltered and shaped into a more intimate ambience offering the place for concentration.



Natural plywood birch combined with dark shuttering plywood panels that appears in detail and as a platform give the consistency to the composition, but also a clear interpretation of the form that provides the possibility of diverse program content. Lighting in the form of console reflectors and built-in ceiling lamps is carefully arranged according to functional requirements, especially in the part of the library and in emphasizing the elements of labeling the stand. Wood is selected as the basic material and warm color of the light as adequate respond to the topic of the fair.


Modularity and Reuse

The division of the Infrastructure element into eight segments is based on two reasons. The first is to achieve efficient and economical transportation as well as easier assembly at the final destination. The second is to achieve the quality of modularity, providing the opportunity for combining segments differently while organizing space (modularity diagram).

Today, a pavilion designed for the needs of representation at the Book Fair, is located in the Ciglana - a Heavy Industry Fan Club and is a base for rich cultural program, theater plays, concerts, exhibitions etc. This approach to design, continues to carry out the methodological continuity, and hence the identity of the architecture of the project team, and to confirm the justification of the multifunctional character of the space as the value f the modern society.

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