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Goethe-Institut Hall

Interior design for institute hall 


STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Knez Mihailova 50, 11000 Beograd

AREA: 150m2

CLIENT: Goethe-Institut, Knez Mihailova 50, Beograd

PHOTOGRAPHY: Relja Ivanic 

The house that has been situating the Goethe-Instut from 1983 to present day was originally built in 1870. It is considered a cultural asset and belongs to the Knez Mihailova Street trade centre, one of the most outstanding representatives of it’s time. The house was built by merchant Kumanudi and named after his wife, Hristina Kumanudi.
Throughout history this house hosted the French-Serbian Bank, Consulate of Belgium and Great Britain, up until 1918. when it was assigned to the Belgrade merchant Nikola D.Niki. After his death, the house was handed over to the Belgrade trade youth. After a fire in 2007, the building was temporarily refurbished, thus in 2015. it was decided to renew the entire interior, our studio have done the interior of the library while the rest of the space was made by architectural studio from Germany. In 2018 the hall on the first floor had to adjust to new needs of the institute, our studio was hired to design the furniture and smaller interventions in the space.

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