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Madame Chic

Second hand boutique interior design


STATUS: Completed

LOCATION: Čika Ljubina street, Belgrade

AREA: 11 m2

CLIENT: Private comission

PHOTOGRAPHY: Relja Ivanic 

Project task of a small store space was an adaptation into a exclusive retail area, second-hand boutique –

Madam Chic.

Located in the central part of the downtown, in the Čika Ljubina street in Belgrade, the shop represents a part of an entrance hall to a residential-office building. Positioned opposite the access foyer 11 m² were transformed in an efficient way and into a functional space while the interior design solution focuses potential costumers to carefully selected pieces of second-hand goods.

Design is primarily inspired by harmonization with the existing marble wall covering and ceramic floor tiles that had been encountered at the very spot. The idea of intervention is to bridge the timeline of the context formation and the present. In order to achieve a subtle intervention that would not additionally burden the space, a web-like structure was designed pinned up on the wall cloths. A tubular continuous profile forms a multi-functional solution, which at one point becomes a place for sitting and testing the goods, in another section for exhibiting, then a cash-box place, a support for the wardrobe drapery, a supporting element for the ladders which lead to a warehouse, or simply just a frame rack for the central round mirror. The materialization and colors of elements in the interior were chosen in such a way as to correspond in the most adequate way to the existing environment. The ceiling height was moderate with a rose pastel horizontal strip of the wall to result in a better space volume ratio. Sculptural nature of the lighting fixtures, its form and the constructive solution, is designed as a functional and aesthetic interior segment that carefully follows the concept of a tubular multi-functional structure as the main motive.

With regard to the growing tendency of the profoundly designed space for retail in Belgrade, the Madam Chic second-hand boutique with its character reflects the value of contemporary approach to the interior based on minimal design and the architectural detail.

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