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Primus centre | showroom and office building


STATUS: Completed 2015

LOCATION: Avalska ulica 47, 34000 Kragujevac

AREA: 1810,00 m2 gross

CLIENT: Primus Aqua doo, Kraljevačkog bataljona 113, Kragujevac

ARCHITECTURE: URED architecture studio Beograd

PHOTOGRAPHY: Relja Ivanic 


- 1st Days of Architecture, Recognition from the Serbian Chamber of Engineers for The Best Project of Architects Under Age 35,

   Kragujevac  2015

- 38th Salon of Architecture, Recognition within the category ‘Architecture’, Belgrade 2016

The challenge of the project was to come up with very limited resources and to achieve a quality architecture that comfortably handles the basic architectural elements, such as columns, walls, slabs, and openings, in order to create an airy interior with purified structure appropriate to the showroom and, relatively strict, business-like exterior of the building with rhythmic facade openings.

East oriented main facade provides good brightness of exhibition area throughout the day, with the sun beams directly entering the building only in the morning, thus eliminating the need for the use of shading, which would compromise the character of the exhibition building. Entrance zones are indicated by depressing the building and careful positioning of wall slabs, which are clearly different for visitors entering the showroom, for employees and for accessing the underground garage.

In the specific chaotic context which consists of the church, market hall, supermarket and shopping centre within the same block and in neighbouring blocks – the gas station, post office, small houses and high density housing – this new typology of a commercial building is a lo-cost showroom for the local company and their office space that we designed to sit proudly on the corner of this multifuncional block creating the visual order in this environment.

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