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Instituto Cervantes Library

Interior design for institute library 


STATUS: Design proposal

LOCATION: Čika Ljubina 19, 11000 Belgrade

AREA: 150m2

CLIENT: Isntituto Servantes

Institute Cervantes is located in 86 different cities all over the world, in Belgrade officially open in 2004. It is located in the city centre, main pedestrian zone. The building of the Institute Cervantes is considered as a cultural heritage and it is protected by Belgrade City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.
Design proposal for a low budget reconstruction of the library of the Institute Cervantes. The replacement of hard copy books with e-books give possibility to reduce the amount of the shelves for more flexible space which can support diverse program. The furniture, designed by TAKT studio, is modular and easy to adjust to different setup. To create more vivid look of the library we are using the national colours of Spain for zoning the space.

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